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6 March 2024, Bedfordview – Safer City, a leading technology company endorsed by the Gauteng Police Board, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Uyazi and Buswell and Associates, a specialised education and support organisation. This partnership aims to revolutionise safety measures in schools and empower students with the necessary tools to navigate challenges effectively.

Theo Pouroullis, CEO of Safer City said, “We are very excited about our new partnership and the substantial impact it will have on our youth, educators in schools, their safety, and future prospects.” Dr. John Buswell, CEO of Uyazi, “I echo this sentiment, emphasising that our collaboration extends beyond safety discussions to providing students with the essential tools for continuous security.”

Uyazi specialises in providing support to schools, parents, and learners on a wide range of critical issues such as bullying, child protection, staff wellness, policy development, cyber safety, sexuality education, and educator burnout. Through their expertise and resources, Uyazi is dedicated to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all stakeholders in the education sector.

Safer City’s innovative technology solutions offer extensive coverage across 9 provinces in South Africa, with over 3,000 vetted professional responders and 850 medical response vehicles. Their features include a GBV Support Desk operated by the TEARS Foundation, crime reporting capabilities, location tracking services, community alerts, premium subscription features, and family subscriptions.

By subscribing to Safer City’s services today, individuals can actively contribute to the realisation of #SaferSchools. Together with Uyazi and Buswell and Associates, Safer City is committed to creating a safer and more secure learning environment for students across South Africa.

For more information on how to subscribe and support #SaferSchools, please visit or contact Charlene Roberson at / +2769 725 1386 or Dr John Buswell at +27 64 849 1157

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