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A spate of recent robberies and murders in the running community has left many in shock at the brazen criminals resorting to extreme measures to rob a person of their phone or watch.

On October 29th, a heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded as a high school teacher was robbed, raped and murdered while jogging at George Lea Park in Parkmore. Heartbreaking and utterly unacceptable, this incident serves as a grim reminder of what South Africans are confronted with daily.In South Africa every day over 78 people are murdered and over 118 people are raped and this is only what is reported. As a society, how can we unite to combat these pervasive crimes?

What actions can we, as citizens, take to effectively reduce crime?

SaferCity is part of an organisation that has been at the forefront of the security industry for the past 32 years. Originating from the SAPS in the early 1980’s, the concept of a Safer City has evolved into a global movement, uniting law enforcement, private security, and community structures.
“By harnessing the power of technology, intelligence, and unwavering determination, we are committed to creating safer cities worldwide,” says SaferCity CEO, Theo Pouroullis.

Pouroullis describes the services of the company, saying, “Our organisation offers a smart integrated technology platform with panic and medical response, integration with the Community Police Forums (CPF), and a Gender Based Violence Help Desk – providing crucial support to victims in need. With over 3,000 armed responders and more than 850 medical response vehicles available 24/7 in major cities and select rural areas, we ensure comprehensive coverage. Even in areas without local coverage, we can add it based on demand, like the recently added Marikana area in the Northwest.

We provide a powerful solution for personal safety. By subscribing to our panic app and linking a physical panic button, you can ensure immediate response in times of distress. The panic buttons come at a one-time cost and are paired with an affordable monthly subscription of R35.99. Premium subscriptions are also available for value-add services. Once activated, emergency responders are dispatched to your GPS location within seconds and offers peace of mind at home, on the road and in social situations. The SaferCity Control room will contact you within 30 seconds. In case of an emergency where you can not respond, a responder will be dispatched.

At Safer City, we are passionate about making a real difference in our communities. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Gauteng Police Board (GPB) to integrate our technology solution into the Gauteng Provincial Joint Operational Command (JOC). This command centre oversees all 145 CPF’s within Gauteng and supports effective, honest policing.

To further support community safety, we have created a funding model where R4,35/user is donated to the CPF of your choice from your monthly subscription.

Our collaboration with one of our first partners, the Bedfordview CPF is a testament to our commitment to making a real impact on community safety. In this area, we have so far deployed our solution and integrated 193 cameras including 84 License Plate Recognition cameras (LPR) and 109 Overview cameras. These cameras, including ones with artificial intelligence capabilities, are expertly monitored by our Command Centre in Bruma. We have in the above structure integrated into Vumacam’s Safe City CCTV initiative to expand coverage in Bedfordview and beyond.

Prioritise the safety and well-being of your running community

SaferCity is the ultimate security solution that always ensures the safety of your running club members. By subscribing as a running club your members are empowered with cutting-edge security measures.

Join us now and get a rebate of R3 per user that subscribes in addition to the R4.35 donated to the CPF.
Empower your members with SaferCity and create safer running communities together.
Act now and make a real impact in the fight against crime!