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Why do I need this app?

This app combines the latest technology that networks you and your family with our around the clock control centre, the SAPS, security companies, armed response companies, community and neighbourhood watches, and community policing forums. In South Africa today it is essential to ensure the safety and security of your family and loved ones at all times. 

How much will the app cost me per month?
  1. R35 per individual user
  2. R120 per family of 4
  3. R180 per family of 6
Can I register my family on the app?

Yes, absolutely. The app is ideal for families and you can have a monthly description for up to 6 family members. Please see the previous question for pricing. 

I am struggling with the app. Can someone help me?

Our helpdesk is on standby to assist with any technical issues. Please click here to submit your enquiry. 

How do I know which referral code to use when I sign up?

A portion of your subscription goes to your chosen CPF provided they are a member of SaferCity. Please select your CPF from the dropdown and contact them should you wish to encourage them to become a member. Alternatively send an email to with their details and we will get in touch with them. 

Can I change my referral code should I wish to do so?

Yes, you can. Simply go to your profile on the app, click on referral code and select a different referral code from the dropdown. 

What happens when I press the panic button on the app

With over 2500 medical and emergency responders, SaferCity should contact you within 5-8 minutes in order to asses the emergency and dispatch a responder to your GPS location. 

What is the 'track me' function on the app?

The ‘track me’ function helps you located family members and loved ones immediately and provides you with their exact location. 

Why is it important that I report a crime on the app?

Reporting a crime helps build a database of crime activity and hotspots across the country and helps other users identify potentially high risk areas. It is only through a thorough understanding of crime that we can combat it. 

How do I link my panic button?